St Patricks day is ideal opportunity to make 
interesting kids craft. Celebrate St.Patrick’s Day
with your preschooler by making beautiful
3D greeting card with rainbow and pot of gold.
This time, we will use mosaic technique to make a rainbow.
Mosaic is a technique known since the time of
ancient Greece and Rome. Mosaic technique is suitable for learning in preschool age. Using this technique,  kids will develop creativity and fine motor skills. This technique can be used for purpose of learning kids  shapes and colors.

How to make st Patric’s day rainbow with pot of gold

Material for work:

  • blue cardstock paper
  • rainbow model for coloring
  • colored paper in the colors of rainbow
  • scissors
  • glue

If you don’t have material for work, check our material for work recommendations for purchase.

This is an opportunity to teach children what are the colors of the rainbow and their order. Just to remind, the order of the colors in the rainbow:

red, orange, yellow, green, blue, dark blue, purple
Tear colored paper into small pieces. They will serve for the performance of mosaic techniques. The rainbow model can be drawn by hand or printed on the printer. Paste the pieces of colored paper in accordance with the order of colors of the rainbow.

Once you’ve got a rainbow, lets make covers for greeting card. Prior to the lower half of greeting card, paste the green paper, it will represent a grass. Now we need to make a part that will keep rainbow and a pot of gold. This process is described in the article  3D POPUP CARDS WITH HEARTS . So, draw the  model of construction, cut it, and then bend by the dotted lines.

Now we approach the final part of production. Cut the clouds of white paper and place them on top of the cards. Rainbow mosaic glue to the construction of the cardstock paper, made previously as shown on picture.

Additionally, we can use the remains of a colored paper which we will stick to the lower part of the greeting cards to looks like flower meadows. Finally, cut brown and yellow paper to make pot of gold stick it under the rainbow. St Patricks day rainbow with pot of gold is finished and kids can gift it to loved ones.


  1. Wow– a very nice looking and educational activity for kids! I am sure that anyone would be honored to receive this greeting card from a child.

  2. I love it. This would be a perfect display for my kid’s cupboard!

  3. origami is great idea for kids

  4. great idea love it

  5. love it great idea

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