Children love to spend time on the snow.
Favorite kids activities on the snow are
making lumps and making snowman.
This is a favorite and must-play children’s
winter game. We present you an interesting
idea for making a winter 3D greeting card.
You can make this greeting card when
you are not able to go out with children.

How to make 3D card with snowman

Material for the work:

  • cardstock paper for greeting card
  • Blue color paper slightly smaller than the cardstock paper
  • white paper for snow
  • black confetti
  • recycled paper for the broom
  • circular felt coasters in two dimensions (5 pieces)
  • glue
  • scissors

Sort felt circles by putting one large felt circle to another, fold them in half and connect them using stapler. The same is done with small circles.

Glue connected circuits to the substrate, ie. card, as shown in Fig. Larger circle put down and they will represent snowman’s stomach and smallone (head)  put above.
Further steps , in order to obtain making of the 3D shape are described in our article MAKE PAPER ORNAMENTS FOR CHRISTMAS WITH KIDS

Cut recycled paper to make a strip and paste it as a broom handle. Cut the remaining of this paper in the shape of a triangle. Sort them  by putting one paper triangle to another and cut the top paper that it would seem like a broom.
Glue black confetti on snowmen’s head to get eyes and mouth.

Add a nose and a hat made from a colored paper and snowman is finished!!!



  1. helped with card contest thanks a ton

  2. this card is good, but it is too difficult for five years child.

  3. awesome very nice ideas

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