Christmas is one of the finest and most exciting holidays of childhoodHandmade Santa Claus

and Santa Claus is certainly the favorite person for every child.

Many songs has been written in his honor.  Magical stories related to this cute grandpa  and his assistants are enthusiastically listen and retold.
In the anticipation of the real Santa Claus, children will be pleased  with Santa Claus made of cardboard tube.
Material to work:

  • cardboard tube of paper towels
  • red and green crepe paper
  • pink paper circle for the face
  • cotton wool
  • black marker
  • red crayon
  • glue
  • scissors
  • gold ribbon

Cover the cardboard tube with red crepe paper.  It can be attached with glue to tube, but it is easier to fix it with stapler. This will be Santa’s overall.

Material for work for making handmade Santa ClausRed crep paper will be the overall for Santa Claus

At the top of the cardboard tube glue up the pink paper circle. This piece of paper will represent face of Santa Claus. Make a hat from the red crepe paper, as shown.

Making of hat for Santa Claus

Use black marker and red crayon and draw the Santa Claus’s face. Now, make his beard and hair from cotton wool.

Making of Santa's beardMaking Santa's hair

Make Santa Claus’s  hands as shown in the picture. Now, we will make Santa’s gift bag. Cut green crepe paper into a circle. Fill the circle with cotton wool and tie a gold ribbon, and the gift bag is finished.

Making Santa's handsMaking Santa's gift bag of crep paper and cotton wool

In the finish hook up the gift bag on Santa Claus’s hand.

Handmade Santa Claus


  1. Very interesting. I will try this craft with children in my school.

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  3. Your cardboard Santa craft looks great. I’m sure any child would enjoy displaying him after they’ve made him.

  4. very nice craft for children. thanks for the effort

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