Today, we will introduce an interesting activity
to meet the Easter holidays. That will be picture
of Easter egg which will be performed using an unusual
kind of watercolor technique – “wet in wet“.
Wet-in-wet technique includes any application
of paint to an area of the painting
that is already wet with water color.

Material for work:

  • watercolor paper
  • watercolor
  • brush
  • glue
  • pencil

If you don’t have material for work, check our material for work recommendations for purchase.

Paint using wet-in-wet technique

Draw an Easter egg on paper, using a pencil. Then apply a thicker layer of glue by this line using a brush and leave to dry. It is important that the line is continuing. It is important because later water colors could not pour.

Now the egg is ready for decorating with wet-in-wet technique. Kids will be fascinated when they see how color will start to diffuse​​. You can paint in many ways, but simply: when 2 watercolors touched, they will diffuse. The role of the glue is to make barrier for the water color. In this way watercolor will not diffuse outside the plotted glue. When such a decorated Easter egg is dry, it remains just to paint the background color.

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