Christmas paper ornament, which will be presented Finished paper ornament for kids
in this article is a bit more complicated to produce.
This is the reason to make paper ornament
with some older children of preschool and school age.
It can be used for decorating classrooms
and rooms in kindergardens and, of course,
for decorating of Christmas trees.

The material for the work:

  • color paper circles with a diameter 10 cm
  • stapler

Material for making Christmas ornament for kids

Sort circuits made ​​of colored paper to each other and fold them together in half, to correct and connect them by stapler in the middle, as shown. The next step is to staple the ends of the folded line.
We recommend connecting 6-7 pieces of circles. The number, of course depends on the thickness and strength of paper stapler.

Procedure that follows is the connection of adjacent sites in the middle as shown in the figures.

Figure describe how to staple circles to make Christmas ornament


After you have formed a staple in the middle of couples, now you should connect couples with each other, but this time at the ends, as shown.

Final steps in making Christmas ornaments

Procedure is repeated in a circle until all pairs are not connected.

Finished paper ornament for kids

As you saw in this description, school kids can make this Christmas ornament very quickly, even though they are not skilled. The only requirement is that they know to work with stapler and  a lot of willingness.

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