If you are working with kids, you often need
quick and easy ideas.In this article we will
describe how quickly and in a few moves,
kids can make paper roses. With a little effort
and skill, paper rose can be made by
children 5 years old. What is particularly
interesting, rose from napkin is ideal
for table decoration. Thus paper roses
can be a nice gift to mom, teacher
or another loved one.

How to make paper roses for kids

Material for work:

  • White napkin and napkin in color (in this case blue)
  • scissors
  • decorative tape

If you don’t have material for work, check our material for work recommendations for purchase.

Spread the blue napkin and fold it approximately 1 inch from the end, as shown.


Bent into a spiral one end of napkin and continue folding until the end of the blue napkin, as shown.

Bend the lower end of the napkin and place it in the center of a white napkin, as shown.

Compile a white napkin and tie a decorative ribbon.

If you want to use paper rose for decoration, it is necessary to make a few more steps.

First, take another white napkin and lowered it as shown, to make a base for the paper rose in a glass. Insert the flower into the base, which was previously placed in a glass.

Paper roses for kids are finished and you can repeat this process many times with children


  1. its really easy and pre schoolers can make this flower easily

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