Today’s children are fascinated with computers,
internet, video games, and rarely kids have
attention  to another activity. Many children’s games,
which were actual 20-30 years ago, are now
only a history. Some of games from the period of
childhood of their parents, might have be interesting
for todays kids, but they just do not know how to play.
One activity that today’s kids will like is to make
paper airplanes. In this article we will briefly describe
the simplest way for making airplanes. With some good organization, we can even create a kind of competition: who would rather make a plane, which plane will fly longer, and which plane will fly further.

For this activity you need a paper of any color, a lot of goodwill and the game can begin.

How to make 2 models of paper aircraft

Material for work:

  • A4 paper (white or black)

Fold the paper lengthwise, as shown. The front ends of the paper fold toward the center.
Now we need to bend once again already folded ends toward the middle. To gain the impression that this step should look like, view a picture in profile.


Up to this point both models share same method of making.
To create the first model, it is necessary to bend the page along the dashed arrows from Figure 5 Additional flaps are made from a narrow strip of paper folded to the side.



How to make second kind of paper aircraft

For the second model you need to bend as in Figure 6. In this moment you need a new longitudinal bending of the paper from aircraft side.



Which is a better model for children? We would say that the first model fly better, while second look better. After all, kids will be thrilled with ability to make itself something that flies.

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