It is always exciting to make Christmas cardsChristmas tree card made by kids
and ornaments with children. With good organization
of educators, teachers or parents, Christmas card
with Christmas tree as a motif can be made by child of 3 years old.
This kind of creative craft-making will be more interesting
for kids than sitting  in front of computer.

The material for the work:


  • Cardstock paper in light blue color
  • green, brown and white yarn
  • glue
  • scissors

Make Chrismas tree card with preschool kids

Cut yarn on several equal parts (parts  will represent the tree branches).
Material you need to make Christmas tree card with kidscut yarn to make Christmas Tree card with kids

Glue couple brown yarn strips to the cardstock paper, so it looks like a tree. Then stick the branches of green yarn.

process of making Christmas tree card

ake white yarn pellets and paste it to represent a snowflakes. To make it look like snow fell on the branches and ground, glue strips of white yarn, as shown in Figure.

Finnishing of Christmas tree card with snowy detailssnow made of yarn fo Christmas tree card

Trim the excess parts of yarn and the picture is complete. It can serve as a great decoration on the wall of children’s rooms, as well as Christmas card.

Christmas tree card made by kids

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  1. for perfect gift

  2. I like the card very much.My mother like it very much

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