For this delicate POP UP card all you need
is children’s imagination and very little effort and time.
This pop-up card could be made by older children
in the kindergarden age groups (5, 6 years).
It will be a great pleasure for the child during construction.

Material for the card:

  • Cardstock paper in a dark pink color (A4 format)
  • paper in the light pink color (a little smaller than the Cardstock paper)
  • several heart cut from red paper (number and size are arbitrary)
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • glue

Cardstock paper and colored paper bend in half. Draw a sketch on paper using pencil and ruler, as shown.

Cut the paper by solid lines and than fold it along the dashed lines. Move Cutouts inside, as shown.

Glue this construction on the surface – dark pink Cardstock paper. Now glue the cuted hearts into desired place.
Hearts that are on the convex part will give the magic and 3D look to cards.


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  2. This is such an easy yet amazingly effective craft for the kids. Thank you.

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