We introduce you cool 3D greeting card , which is easy to make.

Children will create it with pleasure, so you can make it in kindergarden or school.
These greeting cards allow children to explore the possibility of using paper as material for creative work. Children will noticed that the picture may not always be in 2D, but also in space. Another benefit is that children will discover new magic dimensions which develop children’s imagination and interest in various materials.
Material to work:

  • cardstock paper
  • color paper
  • coasters made of felt
  • adhesive paper
  • scissors

Proposal: In the markets can be found packing coaster from 50 to 100 units in the same color. Saving tip : buy white paper  and color them as needed. The easiest way to paint them is to sink paper  in the container where is  diluted in watercolor. Next step is drying and after that, papers  are ready to use.
Greeting card consists of two parts. The outer part is cardstock paper in the colors. The dimensions are arbitrary. The inner part is colored paper of the same size as the outside.
Colored paper bend in half  as shown. The solid line is cutting line, while the broken line is bending line.


When you open the paper it should look like in the picture.

Cut the coasters made of felt and make flowers,leaves and twigs. After that phase, glue them together.

Protruding part will be a vase and it is necessary to paste colored paper on it. The vase can be solid, but also colorful. After that, join flowers and greeting card is ready.


  1. Cool craft. It looks great!!

  2. Great idea. This would work for Mother’s day too.

  3. I love craftsideasforkids.com! Here I always find a lot of helpful information for myself. Thanks you for your work.
    Best regards

  4. it will be helpful for me because in our school there is competition so, I think i can get good marks.

  5. The flower vase is good and it is very useful for my 3d greeting card competition held at my school

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