Here is simple and interesting idea for Easter. 
Kids will enjoy creating 3D Easter card
with Easter egg as the main motif.
Easter eggs are one of the major symbols of Easter
and symbolizing the spiritual new life found in Christ.

Material to work:

  • color paper in various colors
  • cardstock paper for the greeting card
  • pencil
  • glue
  • stapler
  • scissors

First bend cardstock paper  in the middle, in order to obtain the form cards.

It is now necessary to make the details of the card. Cut a narrow green ribbon and fold it several times as shown. Draw a zigzag line on the bent strip.

Use scissors to  cut the tape by dashed lines. After chopping,  expand a green bar.

Glue green tape on a prepared cardstock paper. Cuted Green  tape will be a grass. Now we  will make a Easter egg  from the paper in color.

Take an cardstock paper pattern in the form of the egg  (do it yourself above) and draw on a colored paper. Cut the colored paper  in the form of an egg.

Arrange the colored papers in the form of Ester egg  to each other.  Use stapler and connect then in the middle, as shown.

Glue the paper egg in the middle of the Easter card, as shown. Children will be delighted to have made a 3D card with very little effort.

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  1. this is cool

  2. good and simple ideas wich kid can do happily

  3. very useful ideas

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